Meet Hailey Hodapp – Denver Fashion Week Runway Director + Producer

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As the Denver Fashion Week runway director and producer, Hailey Hodapp has an eye for fashion and a love for her Denver community.

“I have been with DFW since 2013,” Hodapp said. “From doing hair backstage, to helping with production, models, really wherever I could be useful, to last season co-leading the show and now runway director and producer.”

With the event just one day away, we spoke to her to learn about her passion for fashion and what a day in her life is like these days.

Where does your interest in fashion/event production stem from? 

Growing up I always watched models transform their looks on America’s Next Top Model with a new hair style. I am a hairstylist by trade, and I started doing hair 12 years ago in Denver. I am also an educator for an Australian hair care brand called KEVIN.MURPHY, whose roots are in session styling and editorial fashion.

I started assisting backstage doing hair at DFW in 2013-2014 and helped with production for years after. Doing this I was lucky enough to join a hair team that brought me to NYFW THE SHOWS to do hair backstage for huge names such as John Paul Ataker, Francesca Liberatore and Namillia, to name a few. This grew my love for all things fashion — from the production to the passion and creativity that comes from the designers.

What is a day in your life like?

This is tough as no two days look alike … I added a mixture of days as every other day changes.

I start by waking up at 5:55 (feels special).

I make my bed.

I wake my kids up for school. We eat breakfast.

I drop them off.

I go to the gym.

I take a cold shower.

I get ready. My style is casual chic edgy. (I’m a Gemini so every days vibe is different.)

I get coffee from Queen City.

I go to the salon. (Three days a week)

I go to teach a class. (One-two days a week )

In between taking clients, I answer emails and texts from designers, models, hair, makeup and DFW production team.

Sometimes I have to get on calls to talk through problem solving with designers.

I try to grab lunch with friends/models/hair/makeup artist/designers nearby. City o’ City is close and yummy. I feel like after COVID people need people and value even 20-30 minutes of your time.

I have to get my kids from school.

I have to make time for press appearances.

I make time to do walk-throughs of the venue to prep for day of.

Make time to see what the designers are working on.

Pick up looks from designers for press appearances. Drop them off as well.

I make sure to cook dinner.

Help my kids with homework.

They go to bed at 8 and 9… I have about an hour to relax. Meditate. Watch TV. Answer urgent DFW emails, journal, read, etc.

Make sure I am laying down by 10 p.m. My phone goes on do not disturb so I am getting a good night’s rest.

“I love the fashion community in Denver,” Hodapp said. “I am very lucky to be a part of such inspiring creative people. I cannot wait to see where we take it.”

Created by 303 Magazine and presented by The Green Solution and Medicine Man, Denver Fashion Week’s five-day event at McNichols Civic Center Building kicks off with industry workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 16 and 17, followed by three days of shows, November 18, 20 and 21. Purchase tickets here.


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