Introducing 3 New Designers for Denver Fashion Week 2022

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Colorado’s largest fashion showcase is back, and we could not be more excited for what these designers have in store for the runway. From streetwear to couture to sustainable looks, Denver Fashion Week is sure to bring inspiration to all and a deeper look into the best artistic minds locally, nationally and internationally.

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Three new designers are coming from differing backgrounds and styles — but all share a common love for the art of creating. Head over to Denver Fashion Week online to see what the buzz is all about and reserve your tickets for an unforgettable show.


The Designer: Saylesa Nepal

Photo courtesy of Kanchiko. Photo courtesy of Kanchiko.

The Lowdown: After making the move from New Zealand to the United States, Saylesa Nepal started Kanchiko purely out of spontaneity. Originally a pre-med student, Nepal found herself struggling to adjust to the American system and a brand-new country. When COVID-19 struck, she decided to slow down and search internally to find her true passions.

“Working and creating this brand definitely helped me overcome my mental health disparity, it was truly a way for me to channel my energy and keep myself going in a time where I felt like I had no control over anything but this venture of mine,” Nepal said.

Kanchiko is inspired by her Nepali heritage — something that makes her unique within our state. “This brand really showcases my two identities intertwining together and I think that is the most important thing I look at when creating my designs – it’s a representation of my most authentic self,” Nepal said.

Her collection titled ‘Me, Myself and I’ plays heavily off her culture and is mocked after a common Nepali top called a Choli. “This is basically a traditional wrapped blouse that has a lot of ties and can come in velvet, silk and a lot of other traditional patterns. This inspired me to make a collection that brings this cultural twist to my modern designs,” Nepal said.

As a designer, Nepal uses her personal experiences to connect a relatable story to each and every piece.

As humans, we all connect emotionally more than anything so if I can get you to connect to my fashion personally, whether that may be confidence, feeling sexy or simply liking the words on the pieces – that makes my heart so full,” Nepal said.

She is more than excited to showcase her unique culture and reignite her passion for designing at Denver Fashion Week.

Purchase tickets to see Kanchiko at DFW on April 4 at Void Studios for the Streetwear runway show.

Adobe Darko

The Designer: Chaim Slime

Photo courtesy of Adobe Darko.

The Lowdown: After growing up around bootleg clothing markets in an orthodox religious setting in Jerusalem, this talented artist moved to Denver in 2015 to pursue an immense passion for design. The DIY culture and attitude in Denver is something Chaim found inspiring throughout his design journey.

Adobe Darko creates art that Chaim describes as “collaboration appropriation”. His brand name can be described in two parts: “Adobe, meaning clay, represents the collaborative aspect of my designs. While Darko represents the appropriation side,” Chaim said. “My designs are unauthorized and use borrowed imagery to create unlikely collaborations.”

He continues to be inspired by his environment and journey, illustrated within his pieces. Chaim added that attendees can expect “colorful, over-the-top, logomania maximalism inspired by the intersection of fast food and fashion” from his collection.

After walking as a model in Denver Fashion Week in the past, Chaim is now excited to present his work as a designer.

Purchase tickets to see Adobe Darko’s collection on April 4 at Void Studios for the DFW Streetwear night. 

Tara Hari Couture

The Designer: Zeljka Sladovic

Photo courtesy of Tara Hari Couture.

The Lowdown: Zeljka Sladovic finds passion within the entire process of designing and the inspiration that goes into it. For wedding dresses, special occasion dress, accessories and more, Tara Hari Couture is the perfect choice to put a unique and personal stamp on your style.

Sladovic was born in Europe in the Capital city of Croatia. She became intrigued by the art, ancient architecture and nature in this area.

“Growing up, I was surrounded with an enormous cultural heritage in craftsmanship, textiles, embroidery and weaving,” Sladovic said. She ties these practices into the art she produces today.

Sladovic found herself drawn to couture as its uniqueness, originality and elegance drew her focus. Her designs are focused on sending women one very important message — “Every woman is unique. With her personality, sensibility, way of living her life,” Sladovic said.

Her collection for Denver Fashion Week, titled SIMONIDA, is deeply inspired by the cultural heritage of her ancestors and the modernized style she was born into.

Details are all made by hand in manipulated fine burlap fabric, my original handmade lace, pearls and silk chiffon,” Sladovic said. You won’t want to miss her designs come to life soon as they float down the runway at Denver Fashion Week.

Purchase tickets for the Local Couture night on April 6 at Void Studios to see Tara Hari Couture’s DFW collection. 

Denver Fashion Week will take place April 3  to April 10 at Void Studios and The Forney Museum of Transportation. This year’s Denver Fashion Week non-profit partner is Dress for Success Denver

Updated on March 29 to clarify Adobe Darko’s artistic style and adjust photos. 

Originally published in 303 Magazine. 


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