Fashion x Art Q&A – Chris Haven & Amy Lisojo

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Both art and fashion have been ways to give our lives beauty. They have been ways we represent ourselves, and how we choose to express the world we live in and see. Both take time to conceptualize and create. Artists and designers spend hours and months taking their vision and breathing life into it. This year Denver Fashion Week wanted to bring these two not-so-different worlds together for a night. By pairing a local designer with a local artist and asking them to create a collection specifically for DFW. Both brought their unique vision and skills to the task, and all we can is they did not disappoint.

What do you get when you take Amy Lisojo’s handmade clothing brand and Chris Haven’s vibrant street art? A bold, fun but impactful collection for this year’s DFW. Lisojo’s brand Lovechild NYC works to promote positive messages about spreading love to others and to yourself. Haven’s signature is his pyramid character that can be seen going on wild adventures throughout Denver. Combining that with Lisojo’s message on positivity this collection is guaranteed to make you feel good.

Photo courtesy of Chris Haven.

Denver Fashion Week: What is the concept?

Chris Haven: The concept is to combine our styles to create a cohesive line of apparel to be shown.

Amy Lisojo: Pyramid Lucky Cat – The concept of our collection is based on Chris  Havens’ interpretation of the Maneki Neko “Lucky Cat.” The colors of the “Lucky Cat” hold special symbolism in Japanese culture. This collection aims to express that symbolism. A journey to attract happiness, wealth, success and good health with a whole lot of swag.

DFW: How have you two merged both of your worlds?

CH: By using Amy’s clothing/fashion design experience and my “pyramid lucky cat” image.

AL: In addition to using Chris’s Pyramid Lucky Cat, it was important for me to take into consideration Chris’s street artist lifestyle while developing the designs for this collection.

DFW: Are there any hidden easter eggs or themes in this line?

AL: No easter eggs but plenty of stash pockets. 

DFW: How are you executing the creation process?

Both: We have been working closely together on fabric choice, artistic design, layout and fabrication to ensure each of us are satisfied with the final product.

Questions for the Designer

Amy Lisjo. Photo courtesy of Love Child on Facebook.

DFW: What was the most challenging part of creating a line inspired by someone else’s art?

Amy Lisojo: The most challenging part is making sure the looks read “Pyramid Fortune Cat” and not something else. 

DFW: How have you related past and present fashion trends?

AL: I’ve taken classic pieces like cardigans and crop tops and reworked them with present-day style and function. Zip down hoods, long body tails, stash pockets and high visibility elements are just a few treats you’ll see in this collection. 

DFW: Is there a specific artist that inspires you?

AL: I’m inspired by many artists but one artist that immediately comes to mind is Riisa “Boogie” Tochigi – incredible talent combined with an incredible work ethic, Boogie inspires me to stay “Casually Killing It!”

DFW: How do you look at a piece of art and translate that into a design?

AL: The colors and texture of a piece of art translate through my fabric selection. The concept behind an art piece can also have a direct influence on the design of a collection. 

Questions for the Artist

Chris Haven’s Pyramid People. Photo by Brittany Werges


DFW: Was there anything that excited you about being paired up with this specific designer?

Chris Haven: Yes! Amy and I work great together! Her style and design of clothing is right in line with what I like, in a look.

DFW: How do you as an artist use fashion as inspiration, either in your work or everyday life?

CH: I love fashion! As an artist, it’s a way to express yourself in your appearance. I use it every day for color, texture and to feel better about creating.


DFW: What was most challenging about creating this type of art versus the type of art that you’re used to?

CH: The most challenging part was creating a complete set of looks. After we decided on the pyramid cat image everything seemed to fall into place.

DFW: Is there a specific designer that inspires you?

CH: Ralph Lauren.

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