Dedicated to Kids Fashion, Here’s What You Missed at Denver Fashion Week Night 1

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Denver Fashion Week (DFW) began yesterday at Void Studios with a runway show dedicated to Kids Couture. The first night of the week-long event featured Saint Ida and Factory Fashion, showcasing the best of children’s fashion in Denver.

Factory Fashion

To the tune of upbeat music, Factory Fashion brought a raving collection of looks to the runway. Each piece was created by kids ages 8 to 17 through a course taught by local designers. From corsets to lounge sets to elegant skirts and more, the Factory Fashion students brought something for everyone to the DFW stage.

A variety of different styles were introduced with impressive construction behind each piece. This runway segment provided a space for the students to be immersed in the entire process of designing a look, dressing their models and showcasing it on the runway as well.

During the final walk, the design students took the runway hand-in-hand with the models wearing their designs. The crowd erupted in celebration as all of the students’ hard work came to fruition on a world-renowned stage.

Saint Ida

Based in Lafayette, Saint Ida is a children’s swimwear brand that creates 70s inspired pieces. The swimsuits are perfect for a day at the pool under Colorado’s hot sun or a beach trip. The runway segment showcased Saint Ida’s fun and frilly suits that are stylish yet modest and appropriate for kids.

From rainbow-striped one-pieces to floral two-pieces, each look was vibrant, especially worn by the energetic models that took the runway. Paired with accessories like umbrellas, rain boots, swim caps, headbands, espadrille sandals and more, the collection was brought to life on the DFW stage.

Following the final walk, designer Lynsi Coressel took the runway in a dress matching several pieces within the collection. From start to finish, Saint Ida brought high-energy and trendy swim pieces to Denver Fashion Week.

Overall, this runway show allowed young and aspiring designers, models and fashion lovers to come together on a world-class stage.

All photography by Roxanna CarrascoVideo by David Rossa.

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