DFW Pros Talk Casting Call Do’s and Don’ts

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The casting call is just weeks away, two to be exact (information on where and how to sign up can be found here). The DFW team is excited for another round of casting calls and we can’t wait to see everyone walk. Going into your first casting call can be intimidating, so we consulted the casting call team on their advice and what models should expect. Our pros include Charlie Price, DFW Runway Producer, Hannah Werling, production and stylist lead for DFW and Julie Gallahue, DFW model coordinator.  

On casting call day, expect there to be lots of models. Over 1,000 models are expected that day and there will be lines out the door. “All models, but especially those new to the industry, should not be surprised at the number of people that attend the DFW audition,” said Gallahue. “It can be quite intimidating the first season and a new model can feel disoriented and uncertain about what to do. They shouldn’t worry. There are plenty of people to help move the models through the process.”

Here’s what the pros have to say about knocking the casting call out of the park. See you on August 19 at 3839 Jackson Street, Denver!


Dress appropriately (girls — wear leggings or skinny jeans, a tank and heels) (guys — skinny jeans, a black body-hugging tee or tank and dress shoes)

Pull your hair back in a ponytail

Keep your hair in its natural state/texture

Know your measurements

Provide accurate contact information

Be patient

Practice your walk (girls — practice your walk in heels)

Have a positive outlook

Show up early*
Note: with 900 models sometimes we aren’t able to see everyone walk


Don’t wear tons of makeup, keep it light

No gum chewing

No beauty pageant poses

Don’t wear flowy, patterned or overly provocative clothing

Don’t intimidate other models

No negative comments

Don’t skew the facts about your height, weight and measurements

No negativity on social media

Gallahue gave a larger insight by saying, “keep a positive attitude and understand that you may not be a good fit for the current show based on whom the designers are looking for. However, that in no way means you aren’t a good fit for the industry at large. It’s important to not overthink why you weren’t selected. Even veteran models don’t get selected to walk in every show. The next best step is to attend the show as a guest and interact with the people on the other side of the runway.”

For Gallahue, she loves seeing past models who have improved their walk between auditions and getting the green light. “Hard work pays off and it shows when a model has dedicated him or herself to the craft. It’s easier to cut your losses and move on, but it takes courage to keep at it until you master it. My heart leaps for the models that put in the time and reap the rewards of their efforts.”

Lastly, come prepared, dress appropriately and follow directions. We look forward to seeing everyone walk!



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