Fashion x Art Q&A – AldoElCreator & DINKC

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Both art and fashion have been ways to give our lives beauty. They have been ways we represent ourselves, and how we choose to express the world we live in and see. Both take time to conceptualize and create. Artists and designers spend hours and months taking their vision and breathing life into it. This year Denver Fashion Week wanted to bring these two not-so-different worlds together for a night. By pairing a local designer with a local artist and asking them to create a collection specifically for DFW. Both brought their unique vision and skills to the task, and all we can is they did not disappoint.

AldoElCreator’s brand ‘Dark Denim’ is already fierce alone. His designs sport bold messages with prints and patterns sure to give you a right hook to the face with nostalgia. Artist DINKC is just as daring and raw when it comes to his own work. With street art that is modern yet with a classic twist, it’s no wonder why these two are paired together. With a similar style that is edgy and goth, these two are creating a collection that can only be described as savage.

DINKC. Photo by Amanda Piela.

Denver Fashion Week: What is the concept?

Both: Street art, goth culture with dark, twisted underlying Mexican roots.

DFW: How have you two merged both of your worlds?

Both: By taking Aldo’s clothing style and working with DINKC’s illustrative designs, we’re not only combining our work, but the meanings and inspirations behind them are merged to make a cohesive line.

DFW: Are there any hidden easter eggs or themes in this line?

Both: This collection has many underlying themes in how it was made. Starting with the deathly inspiration behind the illustrations, the Aztec gold and blood red accents, controlled paint splatters, raw punk attitudes and tying it together with the sketchy stitch work.

DFW: How are you executing the creation process?

Both: Literally spending days locked in the studio together, full hands-on collaboration. While One stitches, the other paints on designs and then we switch until we’re both satisfied. We feed off each other’s energy, which then helps the collection flow seamlessly. No 50/50, we’re 100 percent making a collaborative line.

Questions for the Designer

Aldo. Photo by Rebecca Grant.

DFW: What was the most challenging part of creating a line inspired by someone else’s art?

AldoElCreator: The most challenging part was finding enough time to work all day because once we start there was no stopping.

DFW: How have you related past and present fashion trends?

AEC: I’ve created my own dark trend by putting fashion from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, and then mixing cultural ethnicity from the years growing up as an immigrant in America.

Aldo. Photo by Rebecca Grant.

DFW: Are there any specific artists that inspire you?

AEC: One artist that I’ve loved since middle school has been Distortedd she’s one of the most creative people I’ve always looked up to.

DFW: How do you look at a piece of art and translate that into a design?

AEC: I think of ways to make the art complement the body in ways others would never think or would think is weird or the placements are way off but that’s what brings my style.

Questions for the Artist

DINKC. Photo by Amanda Piela.

DFW: Was there anything that excited you about being paired up with this specific designer?

DINKC: I was excited to see a designer be so bold and raw with his clothing since that’s what I do with my work. We have a  similar street style and draw inspiration from our culture. I wanted to see what fresh ideas he could bring to my artwork and how it’ll tie into the clothing.

DFW: How do you as an artist use fashion as inspiration, either in your work or everyday life?

DINKC: I’ve always been inspired by streetwear. I like the various styles and illustrative aspects that are incorporated. I like wearing my own gear, so being able to make something unique to wear, is the best.

DINKC. Photo by Amanda Piela.

DFW: What was most challenging about creating this type of art versus the type of art that you’re used to?

DINKC: I create and sell my own clothing already, either hand painted or heat pressed. So this wasn’t too much different from what I already do. It was just a matter of incorporating my artwork to the new clothing being made in order to complement the piece as a whole.

DFW: Is there a specific designer that inspires you?

DINKC: Not necessarily, but a ton of artists for sure.


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