Designer Allison Nicole Opens Her First Showroom in Denver

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Reminiscent of the ethereal designs created by Monique Lhuillier, local designer Allison Berger’s gowns follow the wearer’s body with cloudlike flow. Her talent for celebrating femininity has put Berger in such high demand that although she only launched her namesake collection, Allison Nicole Designs, a little over a year ago, she needed to expand and decided it was time to open her first showroom in Aurora.

“It’s so amazing to see the growth. I can’t believe it. Before this we were working out of my apartment but we were growing. I started to see more and more people reaching out and more clients, so I decided it was time to make that step and I’m so blessed we got this space. It’s going to allow us to work on more things and it helps us organize everything,” said Berger.

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Photo by Rebecca Grant

The new showroom includes a room dedicated to fittings and an area with multiple sewing machines where Berger and her team can sketch, create custom work and complete alterations on existing garments.  Most importantly, it provides Berger with a place to meet with clients and get to know them on a personal level so she can create the perfect look for them. “Everyone is looking for something different and I love that because everyone really is different. Some people come in and know what they want but some people need a little bit of guidance and they are looking for our opinion,” Berger explained.

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The Allison Nicole Spring/Summer ’19 collection with feature more flowers and light pastels.

Next up for Berger is her Spring/Summer ’19 collection, which is well underway but she is still adding finishing touches. Allison Nicole fans can expect to see Berger’s signature aesthetic but it will be a lighter take on some of her previous work. “I’m really excited about the new collection. They are my favorites,” she said. “You will see soft, flowing fabrics and florals, but we wanted to bring in lighter pastel colors and more flowers so that’s the main difference — pastel colors, more flowers and different silhouettes.”

The new showroom is open by appointment only. Women looking for awe-inspiring dresses for weddings and special events can now book appointments for free consultations through the Allison Nicole website.

The Allison Nicole Designs showroom is located at 3000 South Jamaica Ct., Ste. 360, Aurora

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