This year for Denver Fashion Week, we have partnered with Lumenati and their newest app, Cinebody. We encourage guests to participate in downloading the app so they can contribute to the DFW experience by capturing their personal experiences from the shows. Lumenati is also the venue to house DFW this year and we had a chance to speak with Jessica Trimarco, the Director of Operations of the creative house, to learn more about their company and a little more about their collaborative app.

Courtesy of Lumenati on Facebook

Denver Fashion Week: For those who don’t know Lumenati, could you explain what your business entails and what you do for the Denver Community?

Jessica Trimarco: Lumenati is a content company driven by a notion that collaboration of creativity is the future of marketing. We are a collective of filmmakers, technologists, artists, and builders. From film to art installations to mobile app technology, Lumenati houses a group of creative professionals that service local and national brands.

DFW: How did you coin “Lumenati” as your name?

JT: Most of the creative work we do involves cameras. A Lumen is a unit of measurement for light, the most important element for any camera. Of course, we were also wise to the association to the “Illuminati,” and we chose a name that we knew people would remember.

DFW: We’re hosting the event at your headquarters, tell us a bit about your space and what readers can expect.

JT: Over the past two years we’ve opened our doors to local artists for studio space. The result has become a DIY ‘fantasy factory’ for the Denver creative community. An assortment of murals, art, and installations fringe our daily workspace.

DFW: Tell us about Cinebody and the partnership with DFW this year.

JT: Cinebody is a technology that spawned from Lumenati. It’s a mobile app paired with a powerful cloud platform that enables brands like Boeing and Red Bull to capture video content from hundreds of perspectives across the world. At DFW, we will be inviting everyone to join in and capture their experience from their phone. At the end of the week, we will deliver an authentic video shot by the participants themselves. Here’s an example of a video that was created by Odesza fans.

DFW: This is your first time hosting DFW, what are you looking forward to most?

JT: We are honored and excited that DFW wanted to host the events at our space. As a creative collective, we have not had the chance to bring in aspects from the fashion industry, and we are thrilled to invite this community into our world.

Lumenati is located at 3839 Jackson St., Denver. All other photography by Kyle Cooper


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